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What Do Others Say About Norma Strange?

"I achieved much success in corporate America and as a traditional business owner. When I decided to make the transition to a career path that would provide retirement income and a financial legacy for my family, I decided to follow Norma's leadership. She assessed my beliefs and personality traits that would challenge me and patiently began the journey of guiding me through them. The personal growth that accompanied my journey was an unexpected benefit that has led to unbridled freedom and joy. I highly recommend Norma as a mentor and coach!" 
– Sheila King, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Leader

"Norma is an excellent team leader, and well-versed regarding her knowledge and use of doTERRA essential oils." – Mark Hopkins, Chiropractic Physician

“Norma has a wonderful creative spirit which I recognized (and then I snatched her away from Amerco). Her work ethic is outstanding and the quality of her advice is sterling. Her continued success is one of the highlights of my management career.”
– Randy Bailey, Corporate Communications Director, MicroAge

“Norma is a master connector. She brings enthusiasm and passion into every project and energizes the entire team! I would welcome Norma on any team with me.”
Norma’s top qualities: Personable, Creative
Sharon Lechter, best-selling author; entrepreneur

“Norma’s expertise helped me build my business through her expert advice and direction. Her energy is boundless and that strengthens her guidance and creativity.”
Norma’s top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
Marsha Petrie Sue, published best-selling author; international speaker

“Norma is on the Board of Shape Up US and a phenomenal Consultant and Business Mentor for not only our organization but for myself personally. Norma “Walks Her Talk” and her zest for life and making a difference in this world is contagious! I am extremely blessed to be working with her and having her on our team!
– Jyl Steinback, Executive Director Shape Up US, Inc.

“Norma has the unique ability to zero in on the value within an organization, product or service and find creative ways to communicate it effectively. It was a pleasure to see her in action working with our members as both a speaker and a consultant.”
– Joan Koerber-Walker, CEO, ASBA – The Arizona Small Business Association

“Norma Strange is truly a creative genius. It is her nature to take a simple idea and expand it ten-fold. She has a deep understanding of marketing and how to deliver marketing campaigns that get results. She is an exceptional individual and one well worth having on your team.”
Norma’s top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

– Tammy Stanley

“Norma is an excellent and dynamic speaker. Her ability to connect with her audience is one of her greatest skills. No two presentations are the same for this reason. I learned a lot from attending workshops she has conducted and from talking with her one on one in various settings.”
– Nicole Bandes, Senior Manager, Send Out Cards

“Norma is a highly recruited, extremely bright, enthusiastic, and optimistic consultant and trainer possessing complementary and wide-ranging skills to escalate your business goals, whether it be increased production, sales, and profitabilty or aligning your company employees with your corporate purpose. Simply, she has the talent to do it.”
Cristi McMurdie, Owner/Head Coach, Kuleana Consulting

“Norma has a unique ability to design a plan that effectively will accomplish the goal that she and her client has established. She has an ability to utilize her network to help you finish the job. She would add value to any organization.”
– Arnie Fonseca Jr.,  CEO and Founder, Your Awesome Life Now Wellness

“Norma is Incredibly positive and encouraging, yet focused on results. She has tremdonous determination and perseverance to attain the established goals. Norma would be a wonderful asset to any team.”
– Kimberly Medaglia,  Vice President, One Smooth Stone

“Norma is an insightful and purpose-driven business consultant. I have valued the advice and recommendations that Norma has given me in the development of my business. I am grateful for Norma’s ability to see the “bigger picture” than the issue at hand.”
– Denise Menchaca, Vice President, TTG Consultants – Arizona

“Norma takes the time to listen to your needs and the effort it takes to be of maximum benefit. Whatever she does, she insist on doing it right and right on target!”
– Janita Cooper,  Owner, Master Video Disc and Design

“I have know Norma for over 10 years. We were on a productive committee together at the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. Norma has great ideas to assist in many situations. 
– Julie Jakubek, Owner, Allstate Insurance

“Norma has a gift of cutting to the chase quickly and she can adapt to all different personality types. She is a very gifted consultant and she would add value to any firm that she works with. Whether she is an employee or working on her own, she takes full personal responsibility for results. She is no excuses and bottom line oriented. I respect Norma very much. She is a principled person that lives her values and she has heart. When she needs anything, I will be there for her. Any organization would benefit by working with her.”
– Jeff Sutherlin, President, United Broker’s Group

“Norma is a connector of people, and she is one of the most skilled networkers I know. She is also extremely creative and doesn’t allow her clients to settle for anything less than the best. She challenges your thinking in a professional and sensitive manner. And she is one of the most trustworthy consultants I’ve worked with. Norma is probably the reason I invented my business tool for finding bottom-line savings by creating an ethical workplace culture.”
Norma’s top qualities: Personable, Creative
Marcy Maslov

“Norma is a very good provider of key knowledge and how to use it correctly. She makes things happen . Easy as that. Our meetings were exact, planned and always came with great results. She does get it done.Very trustworthy and lets you know why this plan will work. I do highly recommend Norma. Call her see what I mean.
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Good Value
– Jack Hamlett, Chief Mad Scientist

“Norma is an extremely insightful person and an expert in her field. She was able to look at my business from a different view point and offer other business suggestions that were not even on my radar screen. Norma is a person of integrity and a wonderful person to consult with when beginning, growing or changing your business model. Norma has my seal of approval.”
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Merry Lynch

“Upon meeting Norma, I instantly felt an electrical surge. Her energy, confidence and award-winning attitude were in total alignment with my spirit. Norma possesses the determination and will to see the end bigger and better than facts may reveal. She has the experience necessary to make dreams come true and the ability to see the bouquet when presented with some seeds. Norma is a visionary and has many tools in her tool box, so whether you need a life saver, a tow line or some wings, Norma will find a way.” Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Randi Smith-Todorowski

“Norma really cares about the people she works with. She gets results and follows through. People enjoy her and I find her to be very creative. She is very warm, honest and easy to work with. She is a wonderful speaker, very captivating. Need help, call Norma!”
–Francine Alfano, President, Classic Gold Auto Centre

“I have attended Norma’s workshops and used her materials in my business. She is passionate about her work, and a very effective and competent business mentor. She brings value to everything that she does.”
–John Snider, Independent Business Owner, XanGo

“I have been working with Norma indirectly and directly for several years and I have to say I have never worked with someone so universal. She is able to be so much more than a consultant to our company, she is a marketing liaison, process minded, think-on-her-feet person that is always willing to do what it takes. No matter what the “it” is she jumps in and makes it happen. She is able to be a leader to individuals at any level of management.”
– Dawn Brandon, Business Intelligence Director, Engenuity Systems

“Norma is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. She is brilliant and thinks out of the box.If you need to increase your bottom line Norma is the one to work with.”
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
– Kent Rini 

“Norma is an incredible woman, who not only cares for the people that are in her life, but also assisting those people to reach their full potential. Norma has the ability to know exactly what people require to move them forward in their life and in their business.”
– Leslie Lempka, Independent Marketer, Xyngular

“Norma is a dynamic leader and professional who is dedicated to exceeding each client’s expectations. Norma work ethic is outstanding. Norma also genuinely cares about supporting our community and regularly participates in various service projects. I highly recommend getting to know and working with Norma.”
– Jason Bressler, Executive Director, North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

“In everything she does, Norma’s creativity stands out. Always, there’s a different approach, a new idea. Norma comes at her work with full focus and enthusiasm. She’s got a powerful presence – a person of action. Do not hire Norma unless you are committed to making a big change now!”
Norma’s top qualities: Personable, Creative
Roger Wyer

“Every time Norma and I worked on a project together my eyes would be opened to new possibilities. She has a great creative mind and she is a facilitator of bringing great ideas to the surface. She is also a person of action. She doesn’t wait for grass to grow under her feet. She loves coming up with great ideas, but she is just as concerned with making sure great ideas get implemented. Norma is very professional and she is a pleasure to work with!”
– Kevin Sparks, Founder, Worldwide Success Network

“I have had the pleasure of Norma’s creativity in my business. The results were incredible. I know that something as simple as a business card can mean the diffrence between a good impression and great one. Norma has always taken the time to give me her best. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an outside the box creative spirit with a touvh of class.”
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Creative
– Kathleen Hudson

“Just after starting my Consulting Business I needed promotional material and help with other promotional aspects of my business. I was introduced to Norma and she took on the task of helping me develop a Marketing Communications strategy along with collateral material. I found her to be a person who could understand the strategic nature of my business and was also capable of converting that to outstanding collateral material. She was able to take minimal input from me and convert it to well written messages for my business. Over the years I have received numerous compliments on the promotional material I have used and Norma deserves all the credit. She is easy to work with listens well and produces results. These are the characteristics of a great consultant.”
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Creative
Dave Miller

“What can I say about Norma Strange? She is the most creative and giving person I know. Her ability to discern a problem or situation is amazing. If you are looking for ways to change your situation or find an answer to your challenge, call Norma and have lunch or coffee. it will be the best investment you ever made!!!!!!!”
– Mary Lou Donnelly, Independent Insurance Professional, Five Rings Financial

“Norma did the template for a newsletter for me. She was very creative, very reasonable and easy to work with, and gave me a great product.”
Norma’s top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Rozanne Hird

“I met Norma years ago at a Tempe Chamber event on a day she was presenting. I was blown away at how effective, interactive and entertaining her presentation was to the group. In fact, it was one of the most enjoyable presentations I’ve ever seen – I still remember it to this day. Years later I was lucky enough to reconnect with Norma through a mutual client, I’ve had the privilege to both work with and be mentored by her. Norma has a methodical, straight-forward yet caring and edifying approach to leadership and mentoring, which has helped me tremendously in my professional development. At the end of our time together (meetings/teleconferences) I have always had several pages of new notes and insights, a clear direction on how to move forward and feeling of being both encouraged and empowered. Norma has a true passion and gift for helping people find their voice and their confidence on both a personal and professional level; she’s also one of the most generous people I know (always looking to serve others where she can). Norma is one of the most well-respected, influential business minds in Phoenix; I am honored to say that I’ve had her as a mentor, friend and client for the last four years.”
Norma’s top qualities: Personable, Expert
Jeremy Tuber

“There’s nothing “strange” about Norma’s approach to business. She is attentive, innovative and creative. As a colleague, I’ve worked with Norma on committees and found her supportive of others and engaged fully in the process. I look forward to the next time Norma and I will serve together.
– Michelle Cubas, CPCC” Enterprise Business Coach, CPCC, Positive Potentials LLC

“I have done committee work with Norma and find her to be detail oriented while providing creative ideas to forward our causes. Her follow- through is top knotch. These are winning combinations for a successful business mentor!”
–Alene Geed, Sales Professional, Spartan Promotional Group Arizona

“Norma has the uncanny ability to see around corners and connect with anyone. Her rolodex is incredible because she is a professional networker. Norma’s best quality is her loyalty, intergrity, and geniune concern for others. Her marketing genius is self-evident.”
– John Skabelund, President/CEO,

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