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LIFE - Let It Flow Effortlessly: How Being Genuine Creates Real Value


LIFE gives people the freedom to shed their situation, their fears―their normal―and embrace the greatness in their depths in order to do things they never thought possible. Where do you find yourself right now? LIFE is all about facing that person in the mirror―YOU. Not your situation, not your “normal,” but embracing everything that looks back from the mirror and running with it instead of from it. The content of LIFE is structured to serve as a mentor for readers, addressing how to embrace their own uniqueness and selling readers on how valuable they really are. It helps them put energy where their heart is so they can let their own brilliance overflow that’s been hidden underneath the accepted normal. LIFE is a guide for readers to know themselves, hear their hearts, and feel fulfillment and overflow. That’s what letting life flow effortlessly really means―live the life you want to live!

About the Author

Norma Strange lives up to what her name implies… she is what you get when real meets extraordinary. Norma meets people where they are and has an incredible talent for seeing them and what their biggest driver says about them, clearly. When you look at her path, you’ll find individuals in leadership and companies who have risen out of the norm into extraordinary heights. Motorola, Apple… the leaders of dōTERRA, Amway, Isagenix, NuSkin, Send Out Cards, and World Financial Group all have Norma Strange in their stories of development and discovery. Her influence is unshakable ― lasting ― and it shows in her sparking network of amazing people. Business owner, marketer, leadership coach, wife, mother and connecter, Norma has embraced everything that makes life wonderful with her special set of skills. The physical and the mental wellness it takes to live fully, vibrantly and effortlessly is what Norma immerses herself in everyday.

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Gain clarity!
This easy to read book is a must for all the busy working moms out there. Norma Strange is not trying to tell us what to do to be successful, she is guiding us through the process of finding it out for ourselves. Finding out what our purpose is and how to achieve it. She is an amazing mentor, she will help you shift your mindset while enjoying the process.

A velvet hammer: a gentle but authoritative wake up call if you want to improve your life. From the first pages, it is evident this book was written to help people get more out of themselves and life. It was written by a sincere, giving heart that first looks to help others be more successful in whatever it is they do. The author Norma Strange is a natural mentor and a leader not by her words but her actions. She walks the walk; she is as genuine as they come, and she whole-hardheartedly believes what she's shared in this book.
Norma shares a delightful variety of engaging experiences (some successes, some not) over the course of her career in an authentic, heartfelt, and sincere way. At the same time, she avoids peddling easy answers and a "just be positive and everything will work out" approach. Norma purposely has one foot in the clouds and the other firmly placed on solid ground. This book is a practical guide to business success and an inspiration for leading a better, more purposeful life.
LIFE –Let It Flow Effortlessly, like the author, serves as a velvet hammer: a gentle but authoritative wake up call for anyone looking to improve their mindset or situation in life. While the book will offer more value to business professionals looking to either bust out of a rut or rocket to the next level of success, there is also a solid component to the book that will help readers on a personal level. It’s a solid read—expect several “ah-ha” moments in there.

Richard Bliss Brooke
Norma is Amazing!
The only thing Strange about Norma is her authentic nature in coaching and leading. She brings out the best in people with her organic style. This book is a great tool for starting your journey on leading with Real and Coaching with Authenticity. You will love it!

This book is an invaluable tool!
Thank you Norma for following your heart and writing this book just for me!
This is how reading "Life, Let It Flow Effortlessly" makes each reader feel. Norma truely has a gift of guiding an individual towards seeing their strengths without focusing on their faults. This builds confidence and unlocks the potential we all have in our unique selves.
"Life, Let It Flow Effortlessly" is not meant to be read once then put away on a shelf. It is meant to be used as a tool to be brought out routinely as you develop your business and your life. Life is truely a journey, and this book can be an invaluable tool.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to uncover the negative thoughts that keep them from using their talents to move forward through life effortlessly

joann werner
What do you want?
This book was a gift from someone who I hold in very high esteem as an innovator, a mentor, a business strategist, and a thought leader. After a couple of weeks, she said "So what do you think of the book?" I said "I've been so busy, I'm only 1/3 of the way through, but it's really powerful". She asked where I stopped. I opened the book to my marker and noticed that the chapter I stopped on is titled "What Do You Want?". She laughed.
Ironically, the reason I've been so busy is because I've been actively pursuing just wildest dreams and ultimate life goals a.k.a. my career. She encouraged me to read that chapter immediately because it would provide clarity on my path, and make my trajectory all the more clear and effective. I followed her advice and, as always, she was right on.
This book is real, raw, funny and full. If you want to experience your full potential, and you're willing to acknowledge and release whatever may be holding you back, I recommend LIFE in the highest way.

Norma is a Personal Mentor, a Breath of Fresh Air
I bought this book as soon as I heard about it. Once it arrived, I read it from start to finish and then read it again. Norma speaks from experience, wisdom and is a vehicle through which spirit moves. As I read, I felt like Norma was right there with me. For me, this book gave me the gift of a piece of my puzzle that was ready to drop in place and needed a nudge, an invitation. This book was an invitation to be the clear signal only I can be, the clear energy I am here to be.
Compassion - Connection - Conversation - Curiosity - Coherence - CoCreation - Contribution
Be You. Change the World.
Be Love in Action.
Be Present. Be Genuine. Ask Generative Questions. Listen. Nurture possibilities for connection, relationship, transformation and creation.
Beautifully written. Lots of great stories. Norma has a way of making connection, communication and creation simple and effortless.
Belief - Choice - Action.....BAM!
Thank you Norma

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