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Business is the backbone of our nation.
Empowering entrepreneurs is our specialty. Small businesses create the majority of jobs for our nation. Helping those organizations evaluate current sales/marketing activities, discover new opportunities, and adjust to become thriving businesses is why we exist. Our focus is on delivering great value to help you build effective businesses.

  • Are you not satisfied with the results you are getting in your sales or marketing?
  • Has your market shifted with the current economy?
  • Is it time to evaluate your business to find areas of improvement?
  • How can you add value to your current customers?

The answers always come from asking the right questions.
We don't just apply the same cookie cutter solution to your business. We seek to understand how you can better serve your market, define a plan that you can execute to position your business to be most effective. We believe in working smarter, not harder.

We offer a variety of executive leadership and consulting services:

Mentoring & Leadership Proven with experience, our support is customized to your need. Our experience of start-ups, expansion of existing markets, operational improvements and optimistic perspective allows us to see things that you may be missing. An evaluation is a simple and easy place to start to see if we fit your most urgent needs.
Becoming an Entrepreneur & How to Start a Business Starting a business is easier than you think. Whether you are trying to make some extra income from a part time venture, or if you are looking to build a new career, retirement, or ready to start something new... we can help. Our connections to different business ventures and leaders allows us to connect you to possibilities that may fit with your time and focus. Schedule a phone consultation so we can understand your criteria. There's no cost to get informed and you may be surprised at how a few extra hours a week can build into a great financial support for your family.
Speaking & Consulting Offering relevant information delivered in a clear, understandable (and Fun) way helps inspire our clients to take action to improve current results. Not a boring speaker but an engaged and inspiring facilitative style involves the participants and transforms their thinking. This offers teams and participants to continue to tap into their own creative thinking to be more resourceful, productive and engaged far after the involvement with our program.
Marketing &
Sales Strategy
Creating a valued conversation throughout your marketing will set you up for better relationships and better sales. Are you connecting in the right way with the best prospects? We can help you target your communications and actions. Are your marketing touch points frequent enough and are they thoughtful, engaging and drawing your audience to take action?
Creative Problem Solving Being able to find solutions is a gift that we've perfected. Options allow you choice. And choice allows you to be empowered and educated. Is there a particular challenge that you are facing in your business? Our involvement can be as simple as just a present observer of a regular/quarterly/annual meeting or we can assist to craft an event or series of meetings to extract the "why" of your organization, the passion in your employees and design ways to better engage your customer to be more loyal and do business more frequently with your organization.
Business Effectiveness Strategic planning and taking action will gain the most benefit bringing great reward for your business. Results matter. Do you want to become more effective as a leader and in your business? You'll have to first honestly assess where you are today, craft a crisp strategy to point you in the right direction and evaluate the steps as you take them to make sure you're on target. Businesses cannot waste consulting dollars waiting for results. And results can't be improved doing the same thing again and again (unless it's working - therefore you don't need us). If you're ready to lead a movement in your vertical market or expand to new territory, let's set up a time to talk so we can assist you getting there and not wasting any valuable time or money to achieve your success.
Ready to transform your business and reach your goals? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.
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